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Tinashe round up! New song + Player won't be on Joyride, and more...

- No date for Joyride yet. The interviewer says he heard October, to which she just replies "That's the goal..."
- 'Player', featuring Chris Brown, won't be on the album.
- 'Joyride', the song that Rihanna "stole", might be on the album.
- She votes on the local library, not in any "famous voting building".
- She learns her routines in 1 day.

- About "dating" Calvin:
"The rumours are... rumours. I mean, we hung out a few times. But he's cool. We're friends, we're cool. We're on good terms. He's cool."
- She doesn't really watch TV but if she had to bingewatch something it would be Masterchef or Naked and Afraid.

Tinashe learns the "I'm a Slave 4 U" choreo:

Tinashe sings with the Backstreet Boys:

She has a new collab out with the DJ duo GTA, called "All Caught Up":


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she seems defeated... or high... or both lol
Tags: backstreet boys, britney spears, calvin harris, interview, tinashe

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