Lena Headey refuses to bring son back to U.S because she hates U.S schools


Followup of THIS post

-Basically her ex-husband is now saying that Lena violated their joint custody agreement because the agreement was she would bring the kid back to L.A on September 5th

-Lena is saying NOT, because apparently she has a written consent/contract from him about her and the kid staying in the U.K.

-She's not planning to move back to L.A. anytime soon because she thinks her son is being held back by the mediocre American school system. She's enrolled her son in a Yorkshire school.

-Her ex-husband says he hasn't seen his son for 8 weeks. Lena hasn't even allowed them to talk on the phone.

-The court date is set for next month in America.

hmmm love her but not letting her ex talk to their kid for 2 months is harsh. wonder if this will become as messy as the kelly rutherford drama.

do you agree that the US school system is shit ONTD? and that the UK school system is superior to it?