Conrad Ricamora (Oliver) Talks 'How to Get Away With Murder'

Conrad on his chemistry with Jack Falahee (Connor): "The chemistry that we have we never really have to think about," Ricamora said. "Over the last two years our friendship has grown so much, and it is really great to have someone that is close to you that knows a similar journey to your own."

Conrad on how the LGBTQ community and people of color have towards him: "So appreciative and thankful that there is somebody that looks like them and has a sex the way they have sex," Ricamora said. "And people who are HIV-positive have reached out to me and said they were happy to be represented."

Conrad on his character Oliver 'dark side' this season and trying to continue to be a good person: "He's still trying to hold on to his innocence, honesty and sweetness."

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