petty cakes (cherubrawk) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
petty cakes

ColourPop cosmetics called out for racist product names

@misspaxjones called out Colourpop for naming their brown-toned sticks names like YIKES, TYPO, & DUME

"I’m the least person that acts triggered, but these names HAD ME SHOOK. Society already views dark skin as inferior and unwanted. Light skinned girls are praised for their eurocentric beauty and are always the subject of “get you a lightskin/white girl” memes on the internet that rack up thousands of retweets. Darker skinned girls like myself, grow up perming their lovely, natural afros because they want the soft silky hair that barbies and lighter skinned people are praised for having. They have to endure the “you’re so dark I can’t even see you” jokes and the “why is your skin the same color as poop” jokes. They have to work extra hard to silence themselves and hold their anger at injustices because they don’t want to perpetuate the unattractive “mad black woman” stereotype. Scrolling through ColourPop’s instagram page, they have a variety of women with different skin tones looking fierce in their products. They almost fooled me into thinking, finally, here is a budget friendly, high quality makeup that values the diversity of their target audience which made me want to spend an extra $20. The names of their sculpting sticks really revealed to me how this company views dark skin."

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Tags: beauty / makeup, race / racism
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