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The New Face of the New New Toronto Sound: Tasha The Amazon

Please check out the future of the new New Toronto sound from my hometown. She dropped her new single last month but is just now getting some love. From having a track featured on Broad City (soundtrack out October 28th, digitally everywhere and on vinyl exclusively to Urban Outfitters) to becoming the emerging face (along with Tory Lanez) of Toronto's burgeoning music scene, y'all can expect great things. Plus this Jamaican-German powerhouse is a producer while also being a rapper.

Her track for the Broad City Soundtrack:

Her latest track (not a single I guess):

More about the New New Toronto Sound can be found here.

Sources: YT1. Article1. YT2. Soundcloud. Article 2. Article 3.

I hope she becomes bigger than Drake, tbh.
Tags: black celebrities, canadian celebrities, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), music video, new music post
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