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28 (5) Bisexual Celebs

Charles M. Blow

He's NYT's only African-American columnist. Said in an interview to SiriusXM radio that "people can be bisexual and heteroamorous, meaning they can have sex with both men and women but only fall in love with people of the opposite sex." or the opposite could happen too.

Evan Rachel Wood

Alan Cumming

He said in this interview -
"I’m not here to change people’s minds about whether they believe in bisexuality. All I’m saying is that I think my sexuality and most people’s sexuality is gray. And yeah, I like c@ck. I love c@ck. But I also feel that I have an attraction to women. I’ve never lost it, actually. I’ve always been attracted to both sexes, and whether I act on it or not is not anyone’s business, really. I’m not going to close myself off to the possibility of experience just because society says we must stick within these rigid boundaries. I find it really self-hating that the gay community, which has been so bullied, are especially the ones who might be chiding people about their bisexuality. I think, let everyone be who they are."

Bryan Singer

Told Out magazine back in 2014 that he's 'quite bisexual' and that talking about human sexuality is like talking about WWII.

Vanessa Carlton

Came out as bisexual during 2010's Nashville Pride, saying she's 'never said this before, but I am a proud bisexual woman.'

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