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Everything We Know So Far About The Brangelina Divorce


In case you missed the epic ONTD posts from today, here is everything that is allegedly going down regarding the Brange divorce:

--Brangelina has always fought and been torrid, but has been really rough patch since June.

--Angelina completely surprised Brad with the divorce

--She only decided to file within the past 10 days or so.

--She wanted a spectacle for the divorce by announcing the news in the middle of the week, after the Emmys, and via her publicists/TMZ. Will use this as leverage against Brad.

--She disagrees with his parenting style and thinks that Brad endangers the "health of the family" bc of anger, alcohol, and drug use.

--Wants sold physical custody but joint legal custody w/visitation for Brad

--Brad prob did NOT cheat with Marion Cotillard

--Even if there was cheating, Angelina will not use that angle because of her past history with how she hooked up with Brad-- it would make her look like a hypocrite and spark schadenfreude for her supposed homewrecking. She has crafted her image as the sexiest woman in the world and doesn't want to be seen as the "jilted" woman.

--Her divorce lawyer is Laura Wasser, same woman who represents Johnny Depp in his divorce.

--Some gossip tea: He lives the Hollywood life of an actor and she is leaning toward politics. He used to get along with her friends but she moves in different circles. She now is mentored by a British politician and teaches at London School of Economics. Supposedly, she wants to be in the House of Lords. She does not want to be a part of Hollywood.

--They are fighting over their castle in the South of France; she wants to sell it, he wants to keep it.

What's ONTD's nickname for this shit?

Mr. and Mrs. Split

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