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The Case of Jon Benét Ramsey on CBS - Part 2 Review

In conclusion of docuseries, CBS team suggests that Burke Ramsey is the killer – but stop short of formally accusing him

-Smit's 'Intruder Theory' could well be inaccurate. Investigators tested the "basement" window from the built-to-scale home model and found it highly unlikely that someone crawled in and out of the Ramsey's house that night.
-It's not clear that a stun gun could have made the marks on JonBenét's back. The team sought to disprove the theory by actually stunning Sgt. Jay Wilson of the Telluride Marshal's Department to see what would happen. Injuries and physical reactions were way off.
-DNA evidence exonerating the Ramsey family might have been erroneous. Touch/transfer DNA evidence wasn't sufficient to clear the Ramsey family of wrongdoing.
-The video of nine-year-old Burke being interviewed is suspect.
-Interviewers find Burke had actually struck JonBenét in the face with a golf club a year and a half prior to her murder. It was also noted how Burke had spread feces around the Ramseys' bathroom and in even JonBenét's bedroom, lending the theory that his relationship with his sister was less than perfect.

These group of investigators believe that Burke struck JonBenet with the flashlight, and the Ramsey parents tried to cover it up

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