Radar Online allegedly knows the identity of the A-lister who raped Corey Haim

-But they're not revealing it yet
-Apparently he's an A-lister who is sort of the "kingpin" of a massive pedophile ring that is an open secret in Hollywood
-He's a household name and "revered worldwide" D:
-He has children of his own but has never "come out as gay" (so he's closeted? idk what they're getting at there)
-Radar is a mess but they've been investigating for over 4 years and have all their sources lined up
-People in the business knew what was happening but kept basically handing kids over to be abused
-Corey Feldman would love to expose the rapist but due to statues of limitation and libel laws, he could end up in legal trouble
-According to a source, one of Haim’s closest confidants is preparing to tell all — and name names — in the hope that new laws can be passed that would extend the statute of limitations for underage victims of sex abuse.

He’s been offered various platforms to tell the story, including a primetime television special.

“Holding power to account is justice,” the source said. “This individual should be quaking in his boots. Their life is about to come crashing down.”

Source has more details.