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Jennifer Weiner Throws A Tantrum Because Oprah Didn't Pick Her Book

jennifer weiner

Jennifer Weiner has sold millions of books, has legions of adoring readers, and she still threw a tantrum because Oprah didn't pick her new book for her book club this month. Oprah chose the memoir Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton, a popular writer and blogger. Jennifer Weiner went on an epic, messy, Facebook rant where she complained that she should have been Oprah's pick.

She accused Oprah of picking other author because she is pretty, thin, and popular. She then said no one wants to pick her book because she is "fat" and Jewish. Jennifer Weiner backtracked, saying that she was feeling petty because she had recently lost a film deal and that the O magazine hadn't reviewed her book. (Boo hoo hoo.)

Jennifer Weiner is one of the most privileged writers in the world, regularly sells millions of books, has millions of adoring fans and readers, attends red-carpet events, goes on TV shows, has massive readings, and had a fawning profile in The New Yorker, even though she complains that the literary establishment doesn't take her seriously.

Read part of her rant...Collapse )

ONTD, have you ever had someone throw a hissy fit because of their sense of entitlement?

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