Benjamin Millepede Accused of Abusing Funds at Paris Opera Ballet


Benjamin Millepied, boo of Natalie Portman and former director of the Paris Opera Ballet, has been accused of misspending the POB's funds while he was its director. France's state auditors criticized Millepied for his outlandish spending, including thousands and thousands of euros for taxis, private cars and chauffeurs, expensive dinners, and lavish receptions.

The bills for 2013-2014 include:

€93,350 on taxis (£80,000 or $104,130)

€52,000 on meals for for people (£44,500 or $58,000)

€175,222 on one reception that has no explanation (£150,170 or $195,500)

A private car and private chauffer for Benjamin Millepied, when no other manager had them.

Since Millepied's departure, the POB states that its bills have decreased drastically.

What do you spend a lot of money on, ONTD?