Lady Gaga might perform at Superbowl Halftime! + JOANNE to be treated as an indie record

EDIT: NFL claims nothing is official, YET😭

Propagaga, a member with close connection to Gaga's team, has spilled some info on the new album.

- The label's expectations for the single/album are not what you think they are. They're working this like a debut indie record

- She's been given more freedom than ever, with the only major label suggestion being that it needs to be universal. She has free reign over how it's promoted and sounds. Interscope helped suggest people like Father John Misty, etc. The label is not aching for a massive hit.

- Seem like they want to be less aggressive with marketing her.

- Gaga was initially in talks to do VMAs and Global Citizen and pulled out of both.

She's comg for u, Lana
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