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How Scientology Played a Role in Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman’s Breakup

Let's add on to the Jason Lee Scientology news!

A new book is out next week about Scientology's impact on Australia called Fair Game. It gets quite a bit into Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s epic eleven year relationship through stories from former Scientologists, former employees, and Marty Rathbun, Tom's former auditor.

* Tom was obsessed and completely in love with Nicole. One staffer said it was suffocating but others said it was endearing. One staffer tells about him running across the lawn and into the house after a day of filming, yelling "Nic! Nic!" He loved to be around her.

* Tom's former agent called Tom and Nicole two peas in a pod, sharing the same sense of humor and passion for acting and each other (other staffers have noted over the years that they used to light up at the sight or mention of each other).

* Tom's affair with Nicole on the set of Days of Thunder was encouraged by Scientology leader David Miscavige, because he wanted Tom's wife (and the one responsible for pulling him into Scientology) Mimi Rogers out of the picture. The plan backfired because it wasn't a fling, Tom was actually madly in love with Nicole.

* Nicole is called both beneficiary and victim of David Miscavige's "obsession" with Tom. She received perks and special treatment such as labor, cars, presents, and sessions, but Miscavige was obsessed with destroying her after she pulled Tom away from Scientology.

* Nicole was initially into Scientology, advancing faster up the ladder than any new member, and she found some lessons useful. However, she turned against Scientology and realized they were a cult when they tried to turn her against her own father, a prominent Australian psychiatrist. Between that, a Time magazine article on Scientology being like the mafia and seeing Miscavige being a bad influence on Tom, Nicole was done and she was taking Tom with her.

* They again bring up Tom's obsession/love for Nicole, saying if she said jump, he'd ask how high. If she didn't want him involved in Scientology, he wouldn't be, and that's exactly what happened. The two began to drift away in 1992, and by 1996, Tom was avoiding calls from Miscavige, which enraged him.

* Tom and Nicole flourished professionally and privately without Scientology. Tom was extremely close to Nicole's family, including her mom, sister and brother-in-law.

* During filming of Eyes Wide Shut, Miscavige decided they needed to remove Nicole and get Tom back. Michael Doven, Tom's assistant, was a Scientologist who spied on the couple and reported to Miscavige.

* Through Doven, Tom was convinced to get auditing again in 1998, which is basically- unknown to the victim- a form of hypnosis or brainwashing. Marty Rathbun was assigned to reinforce in Tom his deepest insecurities about his relationship, including that Nicole was the problem.

* From 1998 to 2001, Tom was being unknowingly brainwashed, resulting in Doven calling Miscavige, saying Tom was in shambles, he wanted help and auditing and he wanted a divorce. The divorce took Nicole by shock.

* Staffers to this day don't know what they could have told Tom to leave Nicole (a former high-ranking staffer implied he was told Nicole cheated and the baby she was carrying wasn't his). Tom was so paranoid he had Nicole's buddy Russell Crowe followed, which resulted in nothing but a close friendship with Nicole. (Note: Tom and Russell have appeared to have mended their friendship, and will be in an upcoming film together).

* Nicole was paranoid over wiretapping and even after the divorce, Miscavige wouldn't let up, now brainwashing their children against her. Former staffers have said Tom and his children are now closely watched to prevent them from having extended contact with Nicole or to research outside views, including tapping their phones and confiscating their computers. This was somewhat confirmed by Leah Remini in her book.

* As we all know, Nicole was distraught after the divorce, suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts, although she pulled through and won an Oscar through her pain like a queen. Tom, after his relationship breakdown with Penelope Cruz (who also hated Scientology and Miscavage, big shock), allowed Scientology to find him a girlfriend/wife to their liking. We all know how that turned out.

* Tom and his children remain in the cult, while Nicole has remarried and has two younger children. As of 2015, Nicole still spoke of Tom with affection, but off the record out of respect to her husband. She's rumored to have reestablished contact with her older children. Tom remains a devoted member of Scientology, cutting off contact with his youngest child, who isn’t a member.

And a pretty sad read within the sudden social media interest in Tom and Nicole:

Source one, source two

Someone's gotta take one for the team and let this dude know what Scientology did to his family. Fucked up.
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