The Chainsmokers are just as awful as you'd imagine: "Even before success, pussy was number one"

Here are some highlights from this profile on EDM frat bro duo The Chainsmokers:

The Chainsmokers said that their number one motivation for becoming famous and successful has always been "pussy," and that their goal was always to date hot girls, such as models.

They said that they never get carried away from clubs because they're really good at drinking.

The bio on their website says that they are 17.34 inches, which is the length of their penises combined tip-to-tip.

One of them said that he asked for mixing tips from a DJ at a sweet 16 party who he was convinced was a pedophile.

They do all sorts of crazy things for fun, such as punching each other in the face until they bleed.

Read the rest of their insufferable profile over at the source.

Source: Twitter