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Did Lady Gaga copy Rachel Platten?

Earlier today, Lady Gaga revealed the cover for her upcoming album "Joanne." Almost immediately, Twitter users noted the similarities between Lady Gaga's album cover and Rachel Platten's single cover for her global smash hit "Fight Song." Fans are speculating that Lady Gaga might have copied Rachel Platten's cover, especially since they have known each other for a very long time.

Rachel Platten and Lady Gaga actually know each other from back in the day. In an interview from last year, Rachel Platten reveals that she knew Lady Gaga while growing up. Rachel and Gaga were part of the same music scene while they were doing shows in New York City in the West Village over 10 years ago. Rachel said that she met Lady Gaga again after her single "Fight Song" blew up. Skip to 1:55 in the video below to hear Rachel Platten talk about Lady Gaga:

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Tags: exclusive, fandom / stan culture, lady gaga, scandal

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