Here's the REAL reason the 2 DWTS protesters are mad at Lochte

DWTS protesters told the media that they were protesting Ryan Lochte because "He hurt Americans in Brazil". According to them, the Lochte lie had insulted Brazilians and "changed the climate" in Rio, making Americans "a target".

Apparently, according to TMZ, they believe the Lochte case was responsible for their relative being caught breaking the law in Brazil and being arrested.

Justin Sotoodeh McNeil was arrested in Rio 3 days after Lochte claimed he was robbed at gunpoint - for allegedly selling fake Olympic tickets and using a fake ID - both crimes according to Brazilian law.

OP can confirm that the man was indeed arrested and then released (here's his habeas corpus) and found that the case had been reported last month by Brazilian media.

The police was patrolling Copacabana when they witnessed an argument between McNeil and 2 Brazilians, who had bought 2 tickets for the price of R$ 500 each. When they got to the venue, the victims of the scam were informed that the tickets were reprints and invalid. They then found McNeil again, who refused to give back their money. When approached by police, the American presented a fake ID. He was caught with 51 fake tickets on his person and arrested on the spot.

The man was charged with embezzlement and document forgery and is currently out of jail but his passport and mobile are being held by police while his crimes are processed by Brazilian justice.

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ONTD, do u think u are entitled to get away with crimes when travelling abroad?