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Jonbenét Ramsey Case RE: Burke & Father on 'Dr' Phil & Their Shared Attorney

- Lin Wood is both Dr. Phil's and the Ramsey's sketchy attorney, giving the obvious and flagrant impression that the Ramseys are, once again, pushing their narrative in a favorable, controlled setting, as they $do$.

- Burke gets around 10 minutes of actual air-time as most of the 40 minutes in the episodes are spent re-hashing shit we all already know about the case along with Dr. Phil being rather soft, even bringing out Lin Wood (!).

- GP have been arm-chairing that Burke is on the spectrum because he does have a rather strange smile thru the edited bits we do see. They've always had stellar PR (and money).

- Third part of the interview will air next week, when the CBS special is due, which should be in the 'Ramseys did it' camp.


ONTD, have you been watching the onslaught of specials for this 20th anniversary of JBR's death? Let us speculate. Is Burke on the spectrum or simply medicated/awkward/reserved? Did he get his ears done??
Tags: 1990s, apology / damage control, interview, side eyeing you, television

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