Two A-list actresses who hate each other to get competitive for Oscar

"I had a conversation with an agent friend over the weekend, a talkative bitch that seeks to remain anonymous. They were attending TIFF for a client (who will also remain nameless) and got chatting Oscars with other talkative bitches at a table at lunch".

"We all agreed the races are still wide open in every category," my friend confides, "but one."

"Barring an unlikely surprise, my friend is certain the Best Actress Oscar race will be between two A-list actresses. It'll be very heated and highly competitive, and not just because of the gold on the line! The heat will also be stemming from the real life acrimony between the two actresses, who I've heard from multiple sources "hate each other's guts!"

Who are the A-list actresses?


Popular guess: Emma Stone and Natalie Portman