Hollywood's go-to divorce lawyers reveal the secrets of high-profile splits.

-Laura Wasser has been a Hollywood lawyer for nearly two decades and has worked with the likes of Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, "multiple Kardashians," and countless other top athletes and high profile celebrities. She once had a client ask if they could request their spouse lose the baby weight within a certain time frame, in order to receive a bonus in the prenup.

-Neal Hersh, who has represented Brad Pitt, Kim Basinger and Halley Berry once had a client request a prenup stipulation that allowed them to have extramarital affairs, but their spouse was not allowed to cheat.

-There is sometimes no need to hire a private investigator when paparazzi photos can be used. Hersh once had a case where drinking was an issue, and he was able to find a picture in a tabloid of the person in question in New York with a glass. They couldn't prove wether it was apple juice or scotch, but since it was the evening and the type of glass they were holding was typical for drinking scotch, but it worked to his advantage.

-Celebrity lawyers have also perfected the art of releasing information to create less commotion, which is why break ups are usually announced on a Friday or before a holiday weekend. If a celebrities career is on the decline they will announce a breakup/divorce to stir up publicity.

-Found that celebrities tend to overshare about their sex lives with their lawyer, using the meeting as a therapy session. Hersh once had a client detail the size of his genitalia, explaining that his wife complained he was not big enough.