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ONTD Original: 10 most popular youtube beauty gurus

Last year I made a list of the 10 most popular beauty gurus...and a lot has changed in a year. Below is a list of the NEW ten most popular beauty vloggers right now. The list is based on the socialblade chart which takes into account total view count, subscribers, influence, other social media and revenue (which is a great way to go because it cuts out people who bought their views or people who still have their billions of views from years ago but are lucky to get half a mill these days).

People on this list are exclusively make-up/beauty gurus. I cut out people who make one beauty vid every now and then. Along with their names are their most viewed beauty video.

10. Laura Lee/laura88lee

Total View Count: 102,665,655
Total Subscribers: 1,780,130

9. Tina Yong/makeupbytinayong

Total View Count: 58,020,505
Total Subscribers: 1,041,821

8. Mariale/makeuplocalypse

The only non-english speaking person on this list
Total View Count: 190,355,798
Total Subscribers: 2,511,573

7. Zoella/zoella280390

Total View Count: 820,513,226
Total Subscribers: 11,116,864 (slay it bland white girl with the most subscribers on this list)

6. Wengie/wwengie

Total View Count: 122,684,394
Total Subscribers: 2,805,887

5. Tati/glamlifeguru (yas girl)

Total View Count: 299,968,902
Total Subscribers: 2,122,060

4. Promise Phan/dope2111

Total View Count: 1,072,582,539
Total Subscribers: 4,282,281

3. Bunny/grav3yardgirl

Total View Count: 1,209,157,588 (get it with the most views on this list)
Total Subscribers: 7,664,315

2. Girl bye/NikkieTutorials

Total View Count: 336,295,492
Total Subscribers: 5,230,951

1. Bitch bye/Jeffree Star

Don't get mad at me. He is one of the most famous, influential and social media powerful though...sadly.
Total View Count: 189,928,175
Total Subscribers: 2,687,862

Other popular people surprisingly not on this list
11. KathleenLights
14. PatrickStarrr
17. Jaclyn Hill
19. Carli Bybel
21. Wayne Goss
25. Michelle Phan

source 1, 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Tags: celebrity designers / fashion, celebrity social media, internet celebrities, ontd original
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