Dr. Phil's Interview with Burke Ramsey, JonBenet Ramsey's Brother

To mark the 20-year anniversary of his younger sister JonBenet's murder, Burke Ramsey gave his first ever interview to Dr. Phil McGraw. It will have three parts, this being the first.

(I know a lot of y'all are sick of this case, but I will always be morbidly fascinated by it.)

Som eexcerpts:

Why did he give an interview now?

What has Burke's life been like for the past 20 years?

Burke is now 29 and works as a computer analyst. He works remotely in order to protect his privacy. For two decades he was under constant media, police, and tabloid scrutiny and it has made him very private and a bit awkward.

His memories of the event:

Burke smiles throughout much of the interview

Even when discussing the traumatic and dark incidents of the murder, Burke seems to smile and speak in a light tone. This might raise eyebrows for those who have speculated that Burke was involved in JonBenet's death, but it's important to note that sometimes people react to sadness by smiling or giggling as a way to diffuse tension. Dr. Phil calls Burke "socially awkward [with] a really unusual affect… But understand, from the time this happened, his parents, depending on your interpretation, either protected him or hid him… he has not had the social contact that most kids have growing up."" His parents tried to shield him to protect his anonymity.

Burke doesn't believe that his mother killed her in a fit of rage.

Videos of Burke's police interview and interview with a psychologist were released.

When Burke drew a picture of his family for the psychologist, he did not include JonBenet.

Dr. Phil goes IN on Burke:

He straight up asks Burke if he killed JonBenet or if his parents killed her. Phil also says, "He's gonna make a shocking admission about this mystery footprint [at the scene] that people speculate about… he's going to talk about the incidents of violence, of hitting his sister in the head earlier with a golf club. He's going to talk very specifically about how that pineapple came to be in his little sister's stomach the night that she was found dead."

Hurry up and watch the full doc before it gets pulled down!

EDIT: Some of the embedded vids aren't showing up, but u can watch them @ the sources.

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