Lady Gaga has "no plans" to collab with Madonna or continue Telephone.

On her U.S. radio promo tour, Gaga visited the Andy Cohen radio show, AMPradio, Caron & Cane, SiriusXM & the Elvis Duran morning show where she revealed more information on her upcoming untitled album.

Andy Cohen asked Gaga if she had any plans to continue the Paparazzi/Telephone story on her upcoming album. Gaga replied, "I don't know... I don't know yet if that's going to be a part of this record. This record's very different from the other albums and it's not a conceptual album. It's really autobiographical and every single song tells a story that's related to my life in a very personal way so I don't know if that's quite going to fit into that." She also told Andy that she has no collab with Beyonce at the moment.

After Andy brought up the 2015 MET Gala picture Lady Gaga took with Madonna and Katy Perry, he asked if she had any plans to work with Madonna. She replied, "I mean... There's no plan. No."

Gaga later explains to Andy that she feels women in music do not lift each other up enough. She feels that women miss so many opportunities to support each other.

- Wasn't nervous about chart success this time around

- Album will have fun moments and vulnerable moments

- Went back to what made her love music in the first place as a child

- Perfect Illusion is an acceptance of your anger about a failed love

- Thinks she knows what her fans want, and plan to give it to them with LG5

- Perfect Illusion music video will be just her performing the song (TEOG in the desert teas)

- Josh Homme's has played guitar for "a bunch of songs"

- Florence Welch collab confirmed to be a female empowerment track titled "Hey Girl"

- Did a Dance track with Beck!

- LG5 to be be released before the end of the year

- Her character in AHS described as "something else." She will NOT be in the entire season 🙏

- Plans to tour LG5 in 2017

This is the only a couple of the many interviews Gaga has lined up for the week so hopefully we get more info soon! Promo queen!

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