Britney Spears celebrates her sons' birthdays with Pokémon! CoroCoro leaks more Sun & Moon news


britneyspearsBig bday for my boys! Double digits whoop whoop! 🎉

Britney Spears threw her sons a Pokémon-themed birthday party this weekend! Sean Preston, born September 14 in 2005, celebrated his 11th birthday and Jayden, born September 12 in 2006, celebrated his 10th birthday.

In other news, the September edition of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro has leaked more information about Pokémon Sun & Moon. As promised, the secret of Rockruff's evolution is revealed as well as more information on Ultra Beasts.

Meet Lugarugan! His appearance will depend on what time of day you evolve Rockruff. His evolution will take on his Midday Form when Rockruff is "bathed in the rays of the sun". He will take on his Midnight Form "when full of the night's power." CoroCoro did not provide any further details on Lugarugan's type(s) or abilities.

Gumshoos will also be a Totem Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Sun. Raticate's Alolan Form will be a Totem Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Moon. Totem pokemon are part of the Alola's Trial Challenge. At the end of each trial, a mighty Pokémon known as a Totem Pokémon will be waiting. A Totem Pokémon is much larger than others of its species, and its body is enveloped in a special aura. Totem pokemon will also be able to summon other pokemon to assist it in battle.

CoroCoro also revealed two more Ultra Beasts called UB02 Beauty and UB02 Expansion. These Ultra Beasts appear to be version exclusive at this time. The magazine shows UB02 Beauty battling the Island Guardian Tapu Koko in Pokemon Sun and UB02 Expansion battling Tapu Koko in Pokemon Moon. UB01 still appears to be a mystery. Not much is known about the Ultra Beasts, but they appear to be related to Lilly and the Aether Foundation somehow.

CoroCoro also announced it will "show the true strength" of the mysterious Chimera pokemon Type:Null in its next October edition.






Pokémon Sun & Moon is releasing in most regions on November 18, 2016 and in Europe on November 23, 2016.

Which version are you getting ONTD? Sun or Moon? What do you think about Ultra Beasts?

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