Gaga Interview Round Up Post

Lady Gaga At SiriusXM Radio

-Drinking before singing Jazz helps mellow her out, but not before singing and dancing
-Album title is set, but not released
-Title is personal, not a concept album, each song is autobiographical
-Tour is confirmed 2017
-Video is already shot, no date
-Still smokes pot, but remains healthy and balances everything
-LG5 is very dynamic, PI is not indicative of the sound of the album
-She is in AHS, character very different from Hotel

In other news (You can listen via source 2/3, as it won't embed)

-Song with florence is called Hey Girl. Lyrics tease.
Gaga:“Hey Girl, can you hear me? Are you holding out your heart?”
Florence: “Hey Girl, do you feel me? Sometimes I go too far”
Gaga:“Hey Girl, it ain’t easy, I know it’s pulling me apart. Hey Girl, don’t you leave me. Hey Girl don’t you leave. Hey Girl, Hey Girl, we can make it easy if we lift each other. We don’t need to keep on one-up another.”
-PI is not about Taylor Kinney
-No Telephone continuation is going to happen during this era, album is very different from previous records
-Track with Beck is a dance song

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