Tom Hiddleston's Career Might Permanently Suffer After Taylor Swift PR Fling


Tom Hiddleston, along with Swift, has been widely mocked for his bizarre PR antics with Swift, such as posing on a rocky beach and wearing that notorious tank top that says "I <3 T.S." His Marvel costars have also publicly joked about it. But will his career be able to recover?

Multiple Hollywood outlets are saying that Taylor Swift was "napalm" for his image and career prospects. It's no secret that he was and is desperate to be a leading Hollywood celeb instead of just a respected, well-known actor. Hiddleston's PR team seems desperate to sink its claws back into those James Bond casting rumours. His publicist "sources" said to Gossip Cop that he is still in consideration for James Bond (lol). Gossip Cop insists that the rumors about Daniel Craig being offered $150 million to remain as Bond are not true.

The next two movies on his IMDB page are Thor: Ragnarok and Kong: Skull Island with queen hippie Oscar-winner Brie Larson. If Tom was hoping to boost his status by dating Taylor, it seems to have backfired terribly.

ONTD, do u think his career will suffer?


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