Daniel Craig Has Been Offered $150m for Two More Bond Movies


  • Ladies and gentlemen, take note: playing hard to get REALLY worked in Craig's favor.

  • Despite looking like a cliff slowly crumbling into the sea, Craig has won over the Sony executives so thoroughly they can't imagine a future without him.

  • They are said to adore him so much that "the idea of losing him [...] is not an option."

  • Sony want to give Craig a pay raise so he'll do two more Bond movies.

  • The actor had to make due with a trifling $65m salary for 'Spectre', which we can all agree is barely worth getting up for each morning.

  • The movies would be shot back-to-back. Sam Mendes wouldn't return.

  • Previous reports that Craig would "rather slash his own wrists than do another Bond movie" were apparently greatly exaggerated.

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And none for you, Tom Hiddleston.