ONTD Original: The Summer 2016 Pop Music Trifecta

The Trifecta of Pop Music of Summer 2016
the gworls really showed tf out for summer 2016, if we were in a pop drought before, we sure the fuck arent anymore, and queenga's perfect illusion blinding the gorls, i mean, category is!: SHOOK. and after the lack of bops that was lemonade (the album not the visuals) the pop gworls shifted us into high gear and we pussy popped down route 69, anyway lemme truly pay homage to the three pop albums that defined summer 2k16 (for the gays)

The Critics Darling

Artist: Carly Rae Jepsen
Album: Emotion Side B (buy emotion on itunes)
Released: August, 26, 2016 *this virgo
The Hit Bop: "Higher"
The Underrated Bop: "Store"
Pay Attention: "Roses"
What she's giving: carly is always givin meta debbie gibson, self-aware tiffany, barbie's sister skipper, jem & the holograms (the misfits slay harder, musically and looks actually, theyre always servin pat benatar love is a battlefield backup dancers after pat fucks up her pimp in that bar) anyway on ESB carly basically gave us "kiss" & "emotion" on steroids, shes giving MALL OF AMERICA as only she can & ofcourse because it's carly the critics are gaggin as usual

The Ingenue

Artist: Ariana Grande
Album: Moonlight Dangerous Woman
Released: May, 20, 2016
The Hit Bop: "Into You"
The Underrated Bop: "Touch It"
Pay Attention: "Side to Side", "Bad Decisions", "Touch It"
What she's giving: ok album-wise ariana gave us HIT, she gave us chart success, but the bit will NOT promote ha, she gave us an ashy video for what couldve been the ACTUAL song of the summer, Into You, she gave us sparse, dog whisperer vocals for the live performance, she gave us clip on bangs & detachable ponytail with skunk highlights, at the VMAS she gave us exhausted, nicki gave us get this bit a 5 hour energy, honestly idk whats going on with the good sis she could legit be the biggest popstar out right now but instead shes slurpin mac millers pinche strawberry laffy taffy, sis, but anyway whatever she gave us a solid ass album so

The Comeback

Artist: Britney Spears
Album: Glory
Released: August, 26, 2016
The Hit Bop: "Just Fuk Me"
The Underrated Bop: "Slumber Party"
Pay Attention: "Man On The Moon", "If I'm Slaying", "The French Song", "DYWCO", "Just Like Me"*bitch that chorus? BITCH, "Love Me Down", "Change Your Mind (No Slayas Cortes)"
What she's giving: o fucking k, so the gworls will deny and call her whatever they have to call ha to get some ashy inbox notifications, but she did that, like, "A LIST OF THINGS SHE DID"

  1. that

she gave us pristine 2003 vocals, she gave us, creative contribution, u can tell the sis had contribution, like i kinda love trashy ass bridget jones but u can tell the bit just showed up & sang what was on paper, if ur a pop stan, or gay then u know britney love a guitar mixed with a drum beat, shes always trying to find that perfect balance between 1998-2000 madonna & paula cole, britney love them indie gworls, so she finally found it, i SIT through the verses on "just like me" because i know this bit love an acoustic moment, but more than that she really hit with "DYWCO" bitch, it sounds like doing coke in the bathroom with lizzie grubman & wilmer valderrama at the 2002 vma after party at marquee in the meatpacking district, she did that

ontd, whats your all-time favorite song of the summer?


text by me, video source: s1 | s2 | s3