Chris Brown's Lawyer: Police Found NO GUNS and NO DRUGS, Victim Is Friends w/CB's Baby Mama

  • Chris Browns lawyer, Mark Geragos, spoke to the press on Friday about the alleged assault with a deadly weapon charge facing his client.

  • Geragos told press that LAPD found no guns or drugs on the property.

  • Geragos also said police had unprecedented access and also found no jewlery matching that of what Baylee Curran said she was admiring.

  • Despite the rumor, Chris did not throw a bag full of guns and drugs at police, that was shoddy, headline desperation from TMZ.

  • Geragos also pointed out that Chris's daughter Royalty was not in the house at anytime during the standoff with police.

  • Geragos also says he believes this is all a plot setup by Brown's baby mama Nia Guzman as Baylee Curran is friends with her.

  • LAPD interviewed Ray J and 6 other people who attended the party and they are all corroborating that he never pulled a gun on anyone and that she was asked to leave because she was acting erratic.