UPDATED - Youtube's New Guidelines 'Bout To Take All Your Faves

The guys in the video explain it best but basically the YT is trying to put a kibosh on the content that some Youtubers are producing by de-monetizing videos that don't adhere to their updated content guidelines. Even vlogger Philip Defranco got hit. Now if you're like me and don't just use Youtube for makeup videos or song lyrics, this could put a real damper on the free entertainment we've come to enjoy over the years.


Explains in the video that their vids that were flagged and de-monetized were sent in for a manual review and that they were able to get their monetization back. Still not necessarily a good thing because it raises the question as to why the algorithm de-monetized the videos in the first place when human review says otherwise and whether or not smaller channels will be able to receive the same consideration.

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