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A taste of Naya Rivera exposing Big Sean, Lea Michele, Brad Falchuk & more in her book (out Sept 13)

• During the filming of the ep where Naya got "fired" from Glee, Lea was having a bitch fit & locked herself in her trailer which led to the blow up. Naya - who was ready and knew all of her lines, asked Brad Falchuk if he was going to do anything about it and he started yelling at her in front of everybody & told her “I’ve been doing this job for 6 years!” & she said “Yeah, badly."
• About Lea spreading rumors about her to the media: "So I guess you can throw a bitch fit, lock yourself in your trailer & stall production, yet still find time to leak stories to the press.”
• When Cory died & she found out & told Big Sean he was basically like “damn that sucks” and went back to sleep.
• She was wedding planning and he wouldn’t help, he wouldn’t even give her a guest list of people he wanted there. He was useless.
• At one point they were fighting and he was home in LA after travelling for a bit and he didn’t wanna see her, so she was like “well I have a key, so.” And she went and found Ariana Grande hanging out sitting on the couch.
• He stole the Rolex he’d given her and when she called him out he claimed he was getting it rewound.
• She found out the wedding was off from the internet

• She didn't KEY Mark Salling's car, she ONLY threw sludge on it
Pre-order her book here
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