Is Carly Rae Jepsen Ushering A New Era of "Mindie" Artists?

Undisputed Queen of Pop Carly Slay Guadalupe Jepsus caught us off guard with her cute 2012 bop "Call Me Maybe." Her other singles mostly flopped and ha debut album Kiss has only sold 300K. (More than the 19K E•MO•TION has oop)

When she dropped E•MO•TION, she found popularity among indie blogs and hardened music critics. She became the leader of a new breed of ‘Mindie’ artists – that is, a major label artist with indie cred. Jepsen’s narrative – a pop dynamo rebuilding as an indie darling – was powerful, and the media fell hard.

Jepsen defies expectations – because even with E•MO•TION failing to generate anything close to impressive sales, her staying power hasn’t dimmed. Last Friday E•MO•TION: The B Sides (available now on iTunes) was put out to mark the anniversary of E•MO•TION’s release, a double-dip strategy that has become a norm of sorts for pop megastars.


what kind of trendsetting queen.