Chris Brown ARRESTED for assault with a deadly weapon

- after an hours-long standoff Chris Brown has been arrested
- police came to his house around 3am after Baylee Curran called 911 asking for help saying Brown had pulled a gun on her during a party
- Curran says that a man at the party was showing off jewelry. She stopped to admire a necklace when the man pulled a gun on her and told her to "Get out. I'm so sick of you girls. Get the fuck out." She then ran outside with her friend and this is when Brown pointed a gun at her face. She was forced to wait by the house's gate until one of Brown's associates retrieved her phone. They then told her she'd only get her phone back if she signed a non-disclosure agreement. Curran refused and snatched her phone and she and her friend ran away. The man got into a jeep to chase them but the women made it to a neighbours property where they hid under an SUV as the jeep drove by. The neighbour called the police.
- Brown took to his Instagram account Tuesday morning, sharing videos in which he railed against the police and media and said he was being unfairly portrayed as a villain.
- Officers entered the residence around 1pm after obtaining a warrant. Brown's lawyer was on the scene as was the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division detectives searched the property.
- Brown denies any wrong doing.

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