The new gay bachelor, Finding Prince Charming's Robert Sepulveda, has a secret racist rentboy past!!

So, the new bachelor from 'Finding Prince Charming' is called Robert Sepulveda Jr. But 10 years ago he used to be a rentboy with a massive 10inch cock.

He used to go by the name 'Vincent Romen' and while his rentboy page is down now, the reviews are still there. You can see most of them at the source of the source. But one stood out. Apparently he didn't like to service poc. No wonder only 3 of Robert Sepulveda Jr.’s suitors on Prince Charming are African-American.

Also, a few of his sex videos have leaked since (the tattoo in his arm is a dead giveaway) and have been uploaded to xtube (you can watch them at the source). some of them contain:

- Jerking off in a chair (his dick is big!)
- Swallowing cum from a condom while blindfolded.
- Opening a package from a client with vial of urine, a syringe full of precum, and a condom filled with cum.
- He fucks himself with a bottle and shows an ass that's straight out of mythagowoods' blog (if you know what i mean).

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ONTD, do you fuck yourself with shampoo bottles?