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ONTD Original: Newest releases in POC/Queer Punk and Alternative

Finding punk, indie, or alternative rock acts who aren't straight white men is no easy feat; sites like Afropunk, Jammerzine and others make the struggle a little less real. This month, we're shouting out the newest releases (late July to late August 2016) from POC/queer punk and alternative acts - everything from indie to DIY musicians!

Read below and check out what these underrated acts from the west coast to the UK have to offer!


Nova Twins are made for the stage – in front of an audience is when things get really electrifying; Amy and Georgia are totally mesmeric. The music is led by Georgia’s futuristic, thunderous bass, while Amy’s unique rockin’ yowl captivates the ear with fiery lyrics. Joined live by band mate Tim Nugent on drums this is the sound of 21st century RnR, truly pushing the boundaries. But that’s not all. The girls’ creative talents are by no means limited to their music. With a deep love of fashion, the pair invest their free time in making and customizing clothes – D.I.Y bespoke creations to wear on stage.
More music at: http://www.novatwins.com/


Atlanta-based post-punk ambient rockers Shepherds just dropped their brand new music video 'Tension'. A melancholy, rainy day track about a bleak period in singer/guitarist Jonathan Merenivitch’s life. 'Tension' acts as a prologue for our new album Exit Youth. It sets up the conflicts and all the big ideas, and it lays out the main theme of getting old and realizing your dreams aren't gonna come true.
More music at: https://www.facebook.com/shepherdsatl


What you get when you press play on this track is a fairly vintage, no-fucks-given sort of grunge rock. A modern look at life and the way the world appears from the artist’s perspective, all lightly doused in the distorted and passionate tones of the nineties. Seattle-based Danny Denial's '$ell Me Out' is very much the metaphor of the starving artist making sense of the world. It’s not a sound you hear much these days, and there’s a massive stamp of character all over it, which you soon learn to recognise as being Denial’s innate style.
More music at: https://dannydenial.bandcamp.com


UK-based alt-rockers Youth Man just dropped the official video for their live studio performance of their single ‘Painted Blue'—a multi-layered track that reminiscent of an amped up version of Portishead with its dark vocals, haunting melodies, and hard rock grit. And while one might be quick to interpret the lead singer Kaila Whyte’s raw, impassioned vocals as lamenting about love gone wrong, lyrically, this surprising track is actually about the falseness and opacity of the social media information bubble, how it shapes our socio-political ideas and how and who we interacted with others.
More music at: https://youthman.bandcamp.com

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Show and tell: Who are your favorite POC/queer punk and alternative acts, ONTD?
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