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Zayn Malik " allegedly" caught cheating AGAIN

While the Video Music Awards were at play, leaked pics were released. One, an unseen photo of Mr. Malik sitting at a table in what fans speculate is his London home. The picture was labeled "unseen" by a Zayn update account. That picture then caused a reaction which led the release of direct messages that are supposedly between Zayn Malik and a woman he's been cheating on "supermodel" Gigi Hadid with.

The "unseen" picture that was leaked.

Next, the rumored other woman behind this pic, had this to say about it.

And others claimed to have receipts as well.

Then after that came the direct messages that claimed to back up the unseen photo, which was released by permission from the woman, lilpochaco.

 photo zigiexposed72.jpg
 photo zigiexposed73.jpg
 photo zigiexposed74.jpg
 photo zigiexposed75.jpg

Some fans are calling the messages fake, calling her a liar, and there has been some tweeting and deleting going on ever since.
But one account promises that this is just the beginning.

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Tags: internet celebrities, models, scandal, show me the receipts, you in danger, zayn malik

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