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The Night Of finale: limited series means one season right?

-8th and final ep of HBO's The Night Of aired yesterday
-had ambiguities, left room for a second season a la "Stranger Things" but hopefully not

[Spoiler (click to open)]so who did it? as Naz put it best, "I don't know."

the jury got in a deadlock and the prosecutor declined to retry Naz.
but the brother from Royal Pains seems to be the most likely and they're going after him..


I know the VMAs were last night so many missed this but we need to discuss.

[Spoiler (click to open)]first of all, poor Chandra. wtf is she gonna do now? probably disbarment over a kiss.. she was understandably pissed at the end of the trial.

second - so much foot fetish. even with the prosecutor's heels.

third - Naz is gonna end up back in jail right? he's like really into drugs now. that's too bad.

fourth - that closing argument was really good for someone who doesn't usually do that. it actually worked.

lastly, who did it? apparently everyone wanted to kill this poor girl. and also now I know you're being videotaped everywhere you go in NYC great.

Tags: television - hbo, television - premiere / finale, what is the truth

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