Is Britney's song 'Liar' from #Glory abt Justin Timberlake? + No Surprises set for VMAs performance

Since Glory's release many listeners have zeroed in on the revenge themed track and have speculated it's about the Suit and Tie singer.

- They bring up lyrics from Liar that coincidentally(?) give a nod to Timberlake's infamous breakup hit Cry Me a River

- Timberlake can't stop alluding to the infamous breakup

- The media can't stop talking about Timberlake alluding to it & using it for promotional gain

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New Q&A with On Air with Romeo

She answers questions about:

- Working with G-eazy

- Favorite Sushi

- Would she act again in movies

- About the floods in Louisiana

- Who would she liked to work with @ 3:50 the answer might surprise you.

it's apparent that she holds no ill will towards this person. Get that promo.

No Surprises set for VMAs performance

According to sources: Don't expect any 'AHA' moments with snakes or anything scandalous. Just a straight up performance this time around.

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