🚨🚨🚨Pop Emergency: Britney's VMA snake is actually not called Banana!!


- MTV writer Crystal Bell embarked on a journey to answer one of the biggest mysteries of the century surrounding the high-and-mighty Britney "God Herself" Spears: where is Banana?

- Brit's performance was important to the snake community. It raised awareness for these animals, which people don't typically think of as cute — but they're terribly important animals in the ecosystem.

- Her impact on the designer snake industry is a real thing. A herpetologist and curator for the Wildlife Discovery Center said that when visitors want to take photos with the snakes, he asks them, "Do you want a Britney Spears?"

- Michael Hano, who was in charge of the snake back in the day confirmed that the snake did not have a name, it was indeed a female (despite many experts suggesting that it might actually have been a male) and is currently enjoying her retirement with one of his friends.

- "She was afraid of the snake, but she forced herself to handle it, and she did a really great job."

- The VMA tiger, however, is drop dead (beautiful).

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