Britney Spears on Brad Pitt, Hillary Clinton, Odell Beckham, #Glory & more in new radio interview

short little interview with NY radio station KTU

Talks about

- Working on Glory, not being happy with the beginning of it aka Pretty Girls

- Filming Carpool Karaoke

- Performing again at the VMA'S

- Meeting Hillary Clinton

- If she performed at the Superbowl who would bring as her special guest

- Crushing on Brad Pitt (the hosts play a little trick on her about this & she freaks out)

- Crushing on NFL player Odell Beckham

Had so much fun working on this album with my song husband @tranterjustin @britneyspears is an incredible human and I'm so honored to have been able to cowrite 7 songs with and for a fucking beautiful icon. Love to @mattmanswe @mrfredriksson @bloodpop @nickmonsonmusic for making all the music sound incredible! :)
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Karen Kwak A&R from RCA who Spears worked closely with for this record did an interview where she talks about the making of and Britney's involvement.

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