Selena Gomez Is Apparently Upset That Bieber Moved On

Selena's fam and pals are reportedly planning an intervention after her recent Instagram spat with Bieber.


  • She's reportedly upset he's moved on and is in a bad state. "He was Selena's first love, and she hasn't been able to totally get over him." And also "Selena's heard that Sofia is the first girl he's had strong feelings for since her", and "He was so harsh, and it made her realize that he really is over her"

  • "There's real concern, and the plan is to talk to her in the next few days to ask her to consider taking some time off."

  • Selena's team, a source also said that she never used him for publicity or fame and that whenever something good was going on in her life he'd post about her to get at her.

How long did it take you to get over your first big heartbreak, ONTD?