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The Flash Roundup - Cast on Social Media, Interview, Promo, Social Initiative, Casting

New Season 3 Promo - Time Strikes Back

EP Todd Helbing Talks Savitar, Flashpoint, Jay Garrick & the Musical Crossover!

One half of everyone’s fave Helbing Brothers, EP Todd Helbing sat down with IGN to discuss a whole load of Season 3 happenings.
One often complained about feature is the reliance on Speedster Villains… well he also has something to say about why Season 3 will feature yet another one of those! So buckle in, Flash Fam, and the rest of which can be found at the source.

-Why another Speedster villain? Is it more interesting?
Most metas can’t provide real threat in the same way a speedster can to Barry, as it gets difficult to show that Barry can’t just get them with the speedforce etc.
"Need somebody on an equal level" [...] "Savitar is more of a psychological villain in a weird way... Everything about this guy is different."
-Dr Alchemy’s plans and Savitar’s are "not much different", but TH avoids answering if they’re working together.
-Flashpoint lasting three/four eps or so - the things which Barry changes ripple throughout the entire season, as has been mentioned in past interviews and Roundups.
-TH talks the themes of the show... "The first two seasons are about family. Family that I had, family that I lost. Now this is really the family that I've created."
The grass is always greener issue is discussed, and that Barry will learn the consequences of his actions, he’ll remember what he’s lost at the same time.
-Confirmed - OTHER EARTHS NOT AFFECTED by Flashpoint!
-Barry is going to use Earth-3’s Jay Garrick, aka Golden Age Jay Garrick, for advice every so often now he knows that there’s somebody older and experienced out there.
-Musical episodes are a go in the back half of the season between Flash and Supergirl, as reported at the TCAs. Greg Berlanti is excited, knowing so many of the cast can sing well. Todd Helbing wants a dance sequence too.
-"This year in general we're really swinging for the fences."

'We Are All Heroes': New Good Deed Fan Initiative Started

 photo candicetweet_zpsl8aua7x7.png

After reading this tweet from Candice Patton, Iris West on CW’s 'The Flash', inspiration struck a member of our very own Flash Fam, and a concept was developed that could influence change and encourage others to do so as well:

Though he possesses superhuman abilities, Barry Allen's true power comes from his ability to empathize compassionately with people, even villains like Zoom. His true heroism is in believing the best of everyone.

The "We Are All Heroes" project was born with the idea that every person has the ability to be a hero by choosing compassion in life, even with the simplest acts. We are here to encourage people to perform good deeds and random acts of kindness. We will spread the word by sharing stories and filling your heart with positivity because, yes, there are true heroes everywhere.

You can find out more and take part here at 'We Are All Heroes'!

TomCav & Carlos Support 'Gold On The Hill'.

TomCav and Carlos have sung out this week in support of 'Gold on the Hill', the 4th annual event held on Canada's Parliament Hill to raise awareness about Childhood Cancer, the leading cause of disease-related deaths of children in Canada.

More information can be found here.

The CW Wants You To Get Involved in STEM, Kids!

Grant, Carlos and Danielle kindly delivered a CW Public Service Announcement, courtesy of CW Good.

Kid Flash & Jesse Quick Team-up, Joom Returns!
Several tweeters and YVR Shoots have revealed scenes between Wally West/Kid Flash and Jesse Chambers Wells/Jesse Quick in the upcoming Flashpoint arc.
The scenes have been speculated as of a private nature, with many believing a romantic relationship will develop (known to fans as ~JELLYQUEST~), which will then be interrupted leading to a team up.

Also mentions of Jesse SUITED UP so...

 photo jellyquest1_zps7iifw5e8.png
 photo jellyquest2_zps3tczlio6.png

Also also, EP Andrew Kreisberg commended Teddy Sears on his role as Jay Garrick Hunter Zolomon Zoom JOOM last season, and confirmed that he WILL return as the Black Flash!

TomCav Appears on 'Village Idiot'.

Everyone's fave Harrison/EoWells/Harry, Tom Cavanagh, has featured as himself on episode 1 of comedian Dave Hill's new youtube webseries for 'Above Average', Village Idiot.

In it, Dave comes across Tom whilst walking down the street, and thinks that he is best friends with Tom after meeting him that one time, much like this Good & Noble OP of yours does. He then dares to pitch a new Flash villain to Tom. Bless.

Todd Lasance Cast as 'The Rival'

Aussie actor Todd Lasance, better known to many fans as someone off The Vampire Diaries, but to this OP as Julius Caesar from Spartacus, has been cast as a recurring villain. However, contrary to many reports, Greg Berlanti has confirmed that SAVITAR IS NOT YET CAST.

Many misleading reports are stating that Lasance is Savitar, but Berlanti confirmed otherwise, and The Flash Podcast has reported that TV Line has confirmed it with both WBTV and The CW tht he will in fact be playing 'The Rival', who in the comics was a speedster villain of Golden Age Jay Garrick - and also that Rival will recur in several episodes.

 photo 13669304_10153519432126923_1233613520902077033_o_zpspnkcoqnx.jpg

 photo therival_zpsrug2wcl2.jpg

Ashley Rickards Cast as 'The Top', Captain Cold Returns.

Ashley Rickards (of 'One Tree Hill' and 'Awkward' fame, no relation to EBR) has been cast as the genderswapped version of villain 'The Top', to appear in 3x04 opposite Mirror Master (Grey Damon), who will be facing off against Captain Cold thanks to Wentworth Miller's multishow contract.

 photo Ashley-Rickards-The-Top_zpswz1eggwn.jpg

According to The Helbings, originally a male character, the show is genderswapping The Top, and Rickards will play Rosalind 'Rosa' Dillon - "the Bonnie to Mirror Master’s Clyde and one of the most dangerous members of the gallery of Rogues".

Episode 4 will serve as a Mirror Master 'origin story', and feature him facing off with Captain Cold, making his Flash return. "You get to see who comes out on top."

This Week On: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff On Social Media'...
In this week's Roundup...
The cast on set doing their jobs, the cast out and about with each other, and the casts of Legends of Flarrowgirl together doing stuff & things.
Oh, and Candice snaps! And TomCav running TOPLESS in the RAIN... sit down, grab yourselves an oxygen cylinder or two, and prepare for beauty ❤️

cavanaghtom Thunderstorm Run.

gberlanti And another awesome shot of a mix of the truly amazing and incredible actors here in Vancouver. So happy to be here with such incredible talent. #CW #WB #DC

gberlanti Mini-crossover dinner. #vancouver

gberlanti Dinner with three of the sweetest men in the biz. The gentlemen of #theflash

mehcadbrooks Crossover Dinner in Vancouver.
#supergirl #theflash #thecw #arrow #legendsoftomorrow #superman #jamesolsen

flashbehindtheseams "tomorrow's line-up" ... it's really just for later today. #nightshoots
#setlife #flashS3

flashbehindtheseams Got superhero stuffs on the brain while @tteoli does some last minute touches.

t22felton ⚡️

flashbehindtheseams The glamorous #setlife starring @tha_los, with cameos by @nbboy and @syreetaelisewootton

dpanabaker Table read for episode 304 today! Such a fun one. Can't believe we are on our 50th episode of @cwtheflash already! 🎉

candicekp 😝

cavanaghtom "🎵4 Scenes in the Cortex" by Tom&Carlos
The 7 Happy Camper Players: Candice
Shooting in the Cortex? With these guys? "It's a blast." #TheFlash

cavanaghtom Jumpwalk to set.
The gang.
@grantgust @candicekp @dpanabaker @tha_los @keiynanlonsdale @violettbeane

cavanaghtom "Village Idiots" debuts!
@mrdavehill ,me, and superhero powers. Or not superhero powers.

cavanaghtom Jorge and Tom with a take on the classic "Which Way the Pizza"

dpanabaker Doggies get flu shots too

caitylotz Furry friends. Pablo is giving the Lama the side eye

keiynanlonsdale Happy Wknd

keiynanlonsdale Runyon was closed so we improvised 👣

keiynanlonsdale Thanks @thepioneers_ for the ✂️

keiynanlonsdale 👣🇫🇷

keiynanlonsdale Who you werk for?

violettbeane Throwback w/ Keiy and JLM

violettbeane Fuq it w/ this babe

violettbeane My fav pic of us 😘

candicekp 🎥

candicekp 🍭🍬

candicekp And on Sunday's we chill

caitylotz Couch turnt up #sundayfunday

 photo Screenshot_2016-07-28-20-07-34_zpsu96tscjc.png
 photo Screenshot_2016-07-28-20-07-04_zpsztixul6d.png
 photo Screenshot_2016-07-28-20-07-26_zpslhwc4ofq.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-06-29-16-40-10_zpsd3a8x3rc.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-07-28-20-06-40_zpsmootuuld.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-07-30-12-25-37_zpse6iuyi4b.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-07-30-12-26-03_zps6g1bwcbj.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-08-20-00-58-45_zpswuw7y4bd.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-07-30-12-27-06_zpsser1lhcj.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-07-31-13-27-37_zpskxyotydg.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-08-20-00-58-57_zpsd0m6tn03.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-08-18-21-50-21_zpsdkf82hcm.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-08-23-03-42-51_zpsqnhkj78d.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-08-23-03-44-24_zpscfllk0is.png

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How's your Summer Hiatus going, ONTD Flash Fam? Miss and love you all! ❤
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