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Natalie Portman Says French People Are Judgmental About Looks


To promote her directorial debut A Tale of Love and Darkness, Natalie Portman sat down for a lengthy interview. Her comments about France, where she used to live with her husband, have garnered lots of attention.

"People in LA are just wild. French people are very judgemental, or in Paris at least, about how you are and how you look. You would never wear workout clothes on the street or sandals or shorts or wild colours. It was fun to get back to where everyone’s just being free."

(Um, because people aren't judgemental in LA???)

More from the interview:

It was hard to be a vegan in Paris:

"Paris has improved a lot for vegans in the past few years. It was a lucky moment to be there as a vegan."

On criticism:

"Amy Adams once said this thing that I remember all the time about how artists have to have a very thin skin. You have to be very emotionally ready, emotionally connected to everything but then, as a public figure, you have to have such a thick skin. People will say such harsh things. You need to be vulnerable for your work but you also need to be tough as nails just to keep up, and that combination is really hard to maintain."

On watching her movies:

"I usually see a movie once when it comes out at the premiere and then never see it again. Usually I cringe through the premiere and hate everything I do. The less I’m in a movie, the more I like it."

Are French people snobby? Are people in LA snobby?

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