Sarah Silverman & Susan Sarandon on France's Burkini Ban

- The Burkini is a swimsuit worn largely by Hijabi Muslim women, which covers their hair, arms and legs and allows them to comfortably enjoy themselves at the beach. Non-Muslim and Non-Hijabi women have also been known to wear the Burkini for its UV protection & coverage (e.g. Nigella Lawson).
- Several towns in France, including Nice, have banned the burkini.
- *Fully Clothed Police Officers* approached the Burkini wearing women at a beach in France and forced her to undress on the beach.
- She was then fined the equivalent of £32 for breaking the burkini ban.
- According to the Judges who upheld the ban, the clothing could be viewed as a ‘provocation exacerbating tensions’ within France and it liable to cause offence and to provoke people to violence.
- It has not dawned yet on the judges that the burkini is an exact replica of this, which, coincidentally is entirely legal and not a threat to national security.

What the woman is wearing doesn't even look like a burkini. I could be wrong but it looks like leggings with a long sleeved shirt and a scarf tied around her head. It wasn't covering her neck or wrists. Like a twitter user said, that men can force a woman to undress in public with the full weight of the law behind them should give us all pause

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