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These songs can sometimes be the heart or highlight of their respective films and while these are technically ballads, I thought they deserved a list of their own!

Note: Not all these songs are romantic because love songs can also be towards a family member or loved one and they are just as powerful.

10. "Baby Mine"(Dumbo)

Not romantic,but a heartbreaking and lovely love song from a mother to her child. Very sadbut always one of my favorites

9. "Bella Note" (Lady & The Tramp)

8. Once Upon a Dream (Sleeping Beauty)

Romantic song with the 2nd hottest prince.

7. Kiss The Girl (The Little Mermaid)

6. Beauty and The Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

5. Something There (Beauty and the Beast)

I really love both of the"Beauty and The Beast" love songs and they both add something different to the story.I might like this one a bit more because I like seeing their love develop like the sap I am.

4. I See The Light (Tangled)

I do question myself putting this number so high, but it is by far my favorite number of the Disney musicals this decade and the sequence is absolutely stunning.

3. You'll Be in My Heart (Tarzan)

Honesty time: No other relationship in the Disney canon gets me as emotional as Tarzan and Kala's. I get chills every time she opens this number and my only possible gripe is that she does not sing the whole thing. Still, Phil is awesome too and this song is his best.

2. "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" (The Lion King)

Fun fact: This song was originally going to be sung by only Timone and Pumba until Elton saw an advanced screening and had a fit. Normally I am hesitant to agree with the celebrity and not the film makers but he was absolutely right. Now we have one of Disney's most beautiful love songs in all of it's glory.

1."A Whole New World"(Aladdin)

Predictable but it is predictable for a reason. It has one of the most iconic sequences and absolutely everything works. Also, if you are going to a duet with someone this has to be one of the first ones to enter your brain. ADMIT IT! It also has #1 hottest prince which does not hurt.

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