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Daniel Radcliffe: I'm friends with some really fucking racist people

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Daniel Radcliffe discussed racism in a new interview while promoting his new film Imperium in which Daniel plays a FBI agent who goes undercover in a white superemacist group.

The interviewer asked Daniel if he spent some time with real white supremacists to have a better understanding of the script and he said:

"No, but I know some really fucking racist people, friends I vehemently disagree with. They’re not white supremacists, they would never be that extreme, but they are anti-immigration and absolutely voted to leave in Brexit. And I’m still friends with them because I don’t think that friendship should be drawn along those lines. That’d be a really sad way of viewing the world. But yeah, I definitely have got first-hand experience with this.

And also, just get into a cab in London. Some of the most unbelievably racist shit I’ve ever heard came out of a cab driver’s mouth in London, and you just go, ‘Dude, you’re taking a chance. I know I’m white, but you can’t just assume that I’m gonna agree with you. My girlfriend was in an Uber the other day in L.A., and the guy was like, ‘So, who are you voting for?’ Why is that small talk in a 45-minute cab ride? At the beginning, she was like, ‘Hillary,’ and then she couldn’t help herself and asked, ‘Are you voting for Trump?’ And his actual response was, ‘Yeah, just to see what happens.’ Which is just the worst. It’s the same people who say, ‘Well, I just love Trump because he says what he thinks.’ But isn’t the problem that he thinks that in the first place"?

His thoughts about Donald Trump:

"Don’t help him propagate things that are blatantly untrue. The things that always winds me up is when you hear Hillary Clinton say she wants to do background checks for gun control, and then you hear Trump say, ‘She wants to take away your guns!’ No, she doesn’t; she has at no point said that, so don’t repeat what he’s said. [The media] has actually started doing it: somebody sent me a screenshot the other day of their TV which read, ‘Donald Trump Says He Did Not Say This Thing. [He Did.]’ He should be very much treated like a politician and not a reality TV star because otherwise, he’ll be allowed to get away with a lot more".

read full interview at SOURCE
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