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Cecil Baldwin of 'Welcome To Night Vale' reveals he is HIV-positive

Recently Cecil Baldwin, best known as the voice of the 'Welcome to Night Vale' podcast, sat down with Seriously.TV where he spoke about his HIV status.

"I think ultimately the reason I wanted to talk to you about being HIV-positive today is that I find that we're at this age in 2016 where so many people in America and worldwide have HIV and are living with it and are surviving it and are making their lives work," Baldwin explained in the interview. "I think that it's important for people who are HIV-positive in the position to create a sounding board to let those other people know that we're out there and we're a part of every day life."

Baldwin went on to explain that when he first received his diagnosis he didn't know a lot about treatment and he essentially went into mourning and thought that his life was over. A friend, however, convinced him to stay in New York citing that there was a large community of HIV-positive people that would be able to help him.

Baldwin spoke of how there is still a stigma about people with HIV which is why he feels that visibility is important.

When asked about the notion that having HIV is dirty Baldwin responded with, "I'm HIV-positive and bitch, I shower every day."

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