Jared Padalecki throws ANOTHER hissy fit on social media.

Jared Padalecki, star of Supernatural (yes, it's still on!) and famed social media whinger is angry again! Apparently, he went to a bar/restaurant named Constantine in Minneapolis last night and received the "worst service of his life" then proceeded to post a picture of the girl, her initials and naturally, a rant.

(The emoji edit was mine, I personally don't think her face needs to be spread any further on the internet, but her picture is still sadly up on his facebook)

Naturally, some people disagreed with what Jared and he had something to say to that, too!

All of this lead to devoted fans rating the restaurant one star, finding "BK" on social media, harassing her and causing the restaurant to deactivate their facebook entirely for the time being. Ouch.

first time poster, be gentle. also, sorry for the hassle, mods.
source: jared's facebook