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Tavi Gevinson Turns 20, Covers Teen Vogue September


Holy shit, Tavi is already 20! It seems like just yesterday that a twelve-year-old Tavi was writing her fledgling blog Style Rookie and wearing kooky outfits to fashion shows.

She lives in New York in a really nice (expensive, probably) apartment, has tons of designer clothes, and stars in The Crucible on Broadway. She is rumoured to be dating Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, whom she met when she was 18 and he was 30.

She did some new photoshoots and interviews for a few magazines, where she discussed feminism, her future, and fashion.

A tour of her NYC apartment:

Teeen Vogue pics & excerpts:




Grace Coddington: When you were first blogging from your bedroom, you were an outsider looking in. Then suddenly you were being flown to Tokyo to meet Rei Kawakubo; Rodarte sent you clothes; and you created Rookie magazine and eventually ended up at the Met Gala and the Tonys. How has your perspective changed?

Tavi: When I was starting out, I saw it as something that was definitely going to end. Every time I came to New York for fashion week or to interview someone, I was so sad going back home because I thought, These things don’t get to last. That’s sort of the narrative of young success. I heard an interview with George Saunders where he was saying he was really glad his books didn’t do well until he was much older. Because, he said, when you’re young, you already think you’re the center of the universe. If you have success young, it seems to confirm—

Glamour magazine excerpts:


GLAMOUR: What does it mean to be a woman in 2016? What does it mean to YOU?

TAVI GEVINSON: Allowing myself to contain multitudes. Looking at who's given the space to do so and why.

GLAMOUR: You just turned 20. What's one thing you knew for sure at age 10 that you now question at age 20?

TG:That growing up would be soul-crushing.

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