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comeback queen winona ryder for nylon magazine

general highlights
-was named after a little town near her family’s minnesota farmhouse
- says she feels "kind of proud" about being regarded as a goth icon, but credits the image to the cure's robert smith, who she was heavily influenced by during that time.
- ryder does not have any social media. says it can be a fantastic tool but is hesitant since there are no limitations on crazy peoples access. concludes that she is a very private person.
-says her beetlejuice character was just who she was at the time. "that was sort of what I looked like.”
-nothing confirmed on the beetljuice sequel

-ryder has no hangups on getting older, but is not insensitive to the conversations surround ageism in hollywood.

on stranger things
-ross duffer says that ryder “brought this wild energy to the character, this frenetic quality,” which led them to write one of the show’s best scenes, joyce communicating with her son through christmas lights.
-ryder would disappear five to ten minutes before a dramatic scene and return in a different state.
-says her methods are "a bit old school" but it's the only way she knows how to "go there."

Tags: magazine covers and articles, netflix, winona ryder

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