All the 411 on Britney Spears' #Glory (On Sale August 26th): new song titles, producers & more

Get ready to hear ~mustard on the beat, ho~ intro on an upcoming Britney Spears track

Excited about this one! He produced recent hits like Needed Me.

2 Titles on the deluxe

Reportedly Coupure Electrique means Blackout in French? Can any French speakers confirm or deny?

Young Fyre with some behind the scenes Private Show info

What will a Britney Spears and Chantal Kreviazuk collaboration sound like?

On what started it all and the direction of the album:

Who made the cut on Glory?

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Some notables:

BloodPop (Justin Bieber's Sorry)
Mattman and Robin (Carly Rae's Emotion)
Nick Monson (Lady Gaga, Nick Jonas)

How exciting! This is shaping up to be her best album since Circus? Make sure to pre-order your copy